Shout out to my peeps (April/May 2008)

Wanted to do some shout outs to folks involved in discussions with me and Mahalo. This will probably wind up being a regular post as I’m really slow in responding to folks who are generously giving us attention and feedback. I really do appreciate it, and I try to respond here or on Twitter as much as possible.

If I missed anything important from the last month or so please let me know in the comments.

Upcoming conferences (I’ve cut back so I can focus on Mahalo and TechCrunch50):

  1. Will be speaking on a panel (I try not to do panels, but a close friend asked) at the Personal Democracy Forum on June 24th. It’s a really great conference that anyone in tech and/or politics should attend.
  2. TechCrunch50 is taking place on September 8-10th in San Francisco.

A bunch of folks mentioned Mahalo Daily’s Steve Jobs 107 minute keynote–in 60 seconds today including:

  1. AppleGazette
  2. Viddler’s blog
  3. The most excellent TUAW.COM (I named it!)
  4. touchPodium
  5. This dude in Hong Kong with a very cute kid (i think Hong Kong!)
  7. TheNextWeb (which I’m going to be speaking at I think)
  8. Christian (with a very cute baby) featured it

A number of folks have “shown us their Mahalo!” including:

  1. Russell Heimlich
  2. A Mahalo hat was spotted at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

Many folks checked in on Leah D’Emilio winning the hosting spot on Mahalo Daily:

  1. Mahalo Superfan Larry: Did they make the right choice?
  2. Andy DeSoto asks: Mahalo Vlog Idol: a success or failure?
  3. Leah D’Emilio’s winning viral video: Touch my Body (aka Touch Lon’s body) now has over 150k views on YouTube alone.
  4. AndreasKothe had something to say about it (translation?)

Podcasts and Videos:

  1. We discussed the Steve Jobs keynote on the gillmor Gang on 6/9/2008
  2. We talked with Google’s Mark Lucovsky on the gillmor Gang on 6/6/2008 my old pal Dan Farber wrote up the visit on CNET.
  3. Shill Podcast refuses to play my submitted comment–you #$%#@$ bastards!!!

Other stuff:

  1. Paul P. Brown mentioned my “How to save money at a startup” post in the The New York Times small business section today.
  2. Jay Greene featured my purchasing experience at Blue Nile in a story in BusinessWeek. I love BlueNile.
  3. My old pal Steve Hall at AdRants mentions ZobZee which will allow you to read my thoughts in the shower (no jokes in the comments please—ok, go ahead).
  4. My other old pal–and sparing partner–Duncan “down under” Riley mentions my SEO philosophy while making some good points on syndicated content.
  5. Tim Marman mentions marc Andresseen and myself on our positions that startups should raise capital when they can. Fairly obvious from my point of view: if you get good terms and you’re going big raise capital. If you’re going small–and that’s ok–run off revenues. I’ve done one or the other–I just won’t do both at the same time.
  6. Someone made a page on Citizendium about FatBlogging.
  7. 1938media says Calacanis Diversifies revenue steam. (photo)
  8. DealHack mentions my love for the DASH GPS
  9. Mahalo Superfan Larry covers my “Entrepreneurial Insanity” talk

Mahalo related:

  1. Search Engine Roundtable mentions Mahalo in a conversation between Matt Cutts and Danny Sullivan.
  2. e-consultancy talks about our video game traffic
  3. The Next Web talks about us giving the audience “not so insane levels of control” after reading my Wikipedia 3.0 post.
  4. Ryan Spoon checks in Mahalo opening up for more user participation.
  5. Daniel Yomtobian says social search as failed, but then says it will work: I’m not going to fall for that link bait!!! Oh wait… I already did!
  6. Shoemoney mentions my FeedFront cover.

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