Ban water coolers at the office: water filters are the only way to go

Watching truck after truck pull up to Mahalo to drop off water cooler jugs of water was making crazy for the past year. So much wasted energy driving water–which some believe is just tap water–from one end of California to another in a big truck is just so wasteful.

Bottled water? Even worse: tons of wasted plastic.

The City of Seattle banned bottled water, San Francisco banned water coolers, and so are folks in London.

so, we did a bunch of research and we’ve moved to a super filtration system that is the cleanest water I’ve ever tasted. We also added an ice machine to the water tap. We’re saving so much extra cost and we’re not destroying he environment… very cool.

We’re using the Aqua Pure Filters system if you’re interested in getting it for your office/home.

The best part was we didn’t have to sell the team on moving to this solution–everyone was excited to go green.

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