Traffic buying strategies–a complete education on every detail.

Having build dozens of successful web brands over the years I’ve never thought about buying traffic. However, people keep asking me “what’s you traffic acquisition strategy?” My response is typically “build great content that people tell their friends about and that ranks well in Google/Yahoo.” They shake their head at me and say I don’t get it.

I’m starting to think I’m really neive in my thinking and I might be missing some huge opportunity. It seems that some of our content monitizes really well with Google Adsense–like $25 to $75 per thousand good. As such we’ve played (like small experiments) with three services to try to drive traffic to these pages:

  1. Facebook cost per click links (about .20 for each visitor)
  2. StumbleUpon cost per view adverisements (.05 per visitor)
  3. Google Adsense (about .25 for each visitor)

At those numbers you basically wind up with a $50 to $250 per 1,000 visitor acquisition cost. So, you can *almost * break even with StumbleUpon (if the users didn’t just fly past the pages, which they seem to do).

What I’m wonder is, are there ways to buy decent/real traffic for .01 to .03 per visit. That would be $10 to $30 per thousand, so that we could possibly break even on buying the traffic.

Anyway, I’ve always just built great product and had great people sell it. I’ve never bought traffic and I have no idea how it is done. Is there someone out there who can explain to me the various strategies and players in the space who might be able to help me?

Should we discuss this in the comments below perhaps?

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