DLD Conference Coverage

Keeping in line with all the recent great conference coverage… here’s a recap for those who were unable to make it to the DLD Conference in Munich this year.

DLD interview with Jason Calacanis
DLD Day 2
TechCrunch – Mahalo vs. Wikia Search
Wales vs Calacanis
Marrissa Meyer Comments on Mahalo
Jeff Jarvis – DLD Wales vs. Calacanis
Ajax Girl – Video of Calacanis vs Wales

Dave Winer – Out on the UGC Limb
Matt Deegan – Mahalo
The Long Tail – The Fat Tail, the Mid Tail, the Long Tail
Random Elements – Thoughts on Mahalo
Media Blog – The Fat Tail will be human
ReadWriteWeb – Humans Interrupting Algorithms
The Guardian – The Social Whirl Driving the Development of Search
DLD Conference – Humans Interrupting Algorithms
CNN – Old Media Meets Empowered Customers
Softpedia – Google hunts Mahalo

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