CeBIT Sydney Recap

Had a wonderful time in Sydney for CeBIT. Loved the city, loved the people, and loved the conference. I’m going to start collecting some of the press, video, and blog clippings here. If you covered the trip please post links in the comments.

At the event I did two talks: “Going Big” and “Entrepreneurial Insanity.” Both were well received, and I’m looking forward to doing a blog post on each complete with the slides and the video in the next week or so. Tyler is encoding the video, complete with some behind the scenes footage.

Every year I try to visit at least three countries outside the United States in order to learn about what’s going on in the space, meet people, and spread the word about Mahalo. These trips take five days each on average, but the 15-20 days I spend on them are well worth it.

In the past year we’ve traveled to Le Web 3 in Paris (video of my talk), DLD in Munich (video interview), CeBIT in Sydney, and NMK Fordum in London.

If you’re interested in having me speak at your conference please email Tyler at and cc me jason at

Here’s the first set of clippings.

Best Jason

CeBIT’s post talk interview

“Fire the good people!” – entrepreneurial wisdom from Jason Calacanis
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia – May 20, 2008
When serial entrepreneur Jason Calacanis took the stage at the CeBIT technology conference this week in Sydney, some audience members weren’t sure how to…

Aussie ICT needs rock stars and the EU, Australia – May 19, 2008
One method of crossing the valley of death is by having government research labs such as NICTA and DSTO create spin-offs, but Jason Calacanis

Google killer?
australian anthill WEB EXCLUSIVE | by Valerie Khoo – 8 July, 2008
He’s a martial arts expert, web celebrity, podcaster, insomniac – and he is trying to develop a search engine to tempt people away from Google. The latter, of course, is no mean feat. It’s a five-year plan and Jason Calacanis is one year into his journey.

The 2 Web Crew #26 – Jason Calacanis22 May 2008 by tech
Golden-Years-Of-Hollywood-that-crazy-mofo-gun-nut-as-Ben-Hur-type proportions – Duncan Riley, Mick Liubinskas, Phil Morle, Stilgherrian, Bronwen Clune and Cameron Reilly talk to the one, the only, the legendary – JASON CALACANIS.

Jason Calacanis on Entrepeneurship cebit 0822 May 2008 by Ivan Kaye
JASON CALACANIS – Founder and CEO of (Sequoia Capital Adviser is a human powered search engine focused on search terms including travel, products, news , entertainment, sports, food and health.
Venture Capital in Australia –

Interview with Mike Walsh.
Calacanis Mike Walsh interview

Meeting Jason Calacanis20 May 2008 by Callum
I met Jason Calacanis at the blogger breakfast this morning. Duncan Riley was there, although I didn’t meet him. Somebody said he (Duncan) was a big wig, so I was checking him out online after the meeting. I came across Duncan talking

Calacanis in Sydney19 May 2008 by admin
Our friend Jason Calacanis is down under, and manages to describe one of the world’s architectural wonders – the Sydney Opera House – as something out of the Planet of the Apes . . . And that’s why American’s are so welcomed everywhere

Sydney Bloggers Breakfast with Jason Calacanis 28 May 2008 by JoshAnstey
As mentioned in my previous post, CeBIT Day 1, I met Jason Calacanis and Tyler Crowley at CeBIT and they invited me to their hotel for a bloggers breakfast. It was incredible to be invited to the breakfast.

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