DEMO 2008 early acceptance presenters

If you, or someone you know, is considering early acceptance to the DEMO 2008 conference please contact me ASAP at jason at (or 310-456-4900) so Michael Arrington and I can review you for fast tracking at TechCrunch50.

  • DEMO costs $18,500 and will have 1/5th the audience and 1/10th the coverage of TechCrunch50.
  • TechCrunch50 has a $50,000 grand prize, is free, and is brought to you by not only TechCrunch, but also Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Sequoia Capital, Mayfield, Charles River, Fenwick and West, and Clearstone. Also, we’ve got the most influential judges in the tech world including Roelof Botha (Sequoia), Marissa Mayer (Google), and Marc Andreessen(Netscape, NING, Angels investor, Genius). When you see the next 20 judges you’ll be blown away… we’re just getting started!!!

If you’re a startup company launching something important you need to do it at TechCrunch. Don’t be pressured by DEMO to pay $18,500 for six minutes, and don’t be pressured by them to make an early decision. Mike Arrington and I will take 30 minutes with you in the next week to talk on the phone, or meet in person, and give you an instant decision if you’ve been “selected” by DEMO (and “selected” they mean, charged $3,000 a minute!).

If you know someone considering DEMO 2008 it is your moral obligation to get them in touch with Mike and I because friends don’t let friends waste $20,000 presenting for six minutes!!! 🙂


Friends: If you can twitter this blog post and send it to your VC/startup friends I would appreciate it. Some folks might make a huge mistake and signup for DEMO 2008 in the coming week. Last year DEMO getting kicked out (without a refund) folks who presented at TechCrunch50 (really, it’s true).

My email and mobile phone are open: jason at and 310-456-4900.

best regards,


Note: if you’re not comfortable with my aggressive pitching of TechCrunch50 conference over DEMO 2008 please understand that it is based on my belief that DEMO–and other conferences that are based on startup payola–are EVIL and should be eliminated from our ecosystem. It is UNFAIR to take advantage of startup companies and make them pay almost $20k for six minutes on stage. DEMO has been spreading this “pay for your time on stage” virus in our industry for way too long. We need to stand up and fight against it as entrepreneurs–it’s unfair on every level. If DEMO does the right thing and drops their startup payola/ransom I will be the first person to tell you to go do it.

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