Mahalo Daily host search down to six finalists…

We’re down to the final six finalists to be the host of Mahalo Daily and folks are getting very excited!

Leah D’Emilio had 130+ comments on our blog in *one* day for her hosting job with Capoeira Besouro.

Michelle Hummel has 30+ comments after a few hours for her electric go-kart racing show.

It’s important to note we’re NOT just looking for a pretty face to replace Veronica. Nope, Veronica was the complete package in terms of being able to produce, write, and host and we expect nothing less from the new host.

Leah and Michelle, and the next four hopefuls you’ll see over the next couple of days, each chose the topic of their show, wrote the copy, and helped the editors cut the show. We need a host who has the hustle and brains to produce great shows, not just show and say a few lines.

The entire Mahalo Daily team is really excited about the final six and we can’t wait to see where this winds up.

Now, for the big question: what do we do after the six shows air. There are three schools of thought:

  • We pick a winner based on audience and internal feedback.
  • We let go of one contestant and do another round of five shows. Over the next five weeks we drop one contestant until we have our host. This would be the most dramatic way to do it.
  • Somewhere between number one and two (i.e. we go from six contestant to three, to two, and then to one).

I’m going to ask the Mahalo Daily team to put a survey up at Mahalo Daily asking the audience what they would most want to see.

(update: here the survey… which you can do here or over at

Good luck to all the contestants… you’re doing an amazing job!

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