Systems Engineer, Los Angeles

We’re doubling the size of our technical staff here in Los Angeles to keep up with the growth of Mahalo (see Compete chart comparing **US-only** visitors for Mahalo and two other search startups Hakia and Wikia).

We’re looking for a really killer Systems Engineer here in Los Angeles to work at our very cool factory in Santa Monica where they will make their own hours (provided they at least make it in for the free staff lunch every day at noon :-), get whatever equipment they want, soak in stock options in the next big thing, and work with a team of totally kick-ass no BS developers who are KILLING it every day.

It’s amazing job, really. Our tech team is lead by Mark Jeffrey, a seasoned 12+ year Internet vet who has been through a number of startups. Our current Iron Man Systems Engineer Dan is looking for a second Iron Man to help scale our service from four million uniques a month to 40 million. Yes, we’re going big here at Mahalo. 🙂

The basic job description Mark put together can be found below. If you help us find this person you will receive a glorious JCAL pack which includes:

  1. my total and complete love for all time
  2. a ticket the TechCrunch 50 conference and an invite to go to the *VIP* speaker dinner as my date
  3. a $1,000 Amazon or Apple gift card

Please send your deets to jason at and cc mark at with the subject line “I kick ass

Rock on Jason
Systems Engineer, Los Angeles, Inc. is a new human-powered social search service backed by Sequoia Capital (the world’s #1 venture firm), Newscorp, CBS, Elon Musk (Paypal founder), and others. This kind of opportunity is extremely rare in LA: these high-profile rewards are usually found only in Silicon Valley.

We’re looking for a seasoned Systems Engineer. You should be expert in massively scalable architectures, how MySQL and Linux interact, how MySQL and memcache interact, sharding, replication (including multiple
master replication) and how to tune MySQL based on various schemas for maximum performance and availability. You are a HANDS ON implementor, a get-it-done kind of developer. The right person is a self starter
with the “general get it factor”. You work well with a team of like-minded engineers, and have a genuine desire for excellence.

You should be expert with:
Applications: PHP 5.x, MySQL 5.x, memcache 1.2.x
Protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, Unicast and Multicast socket programming
Scripting languages: Unix shell scripting
Other languages: Applicants with C, Java, and Objective-C experience preferred
Bonus: Hadoop / HBase, Lucene, Nutch, Spread

Well rounded candidates such as release engineers with a background in both large corporate environments and small startups have an edge.

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