Help pick the next host of Mahalo Daily

Hey there, Tyler here with a fun little update on the search for the next host of Mahalo Daily…..

Today’s episode was MD117 – The Bachelon, Episode 2 and tomorrow will reveal who will be the final group of lovely hosts who will each make their very own episode of Mahalo Daily for you all to judge on.

We started with the American Idol parody, now it’s a fun twist on the Bachelon, any guess what fabulous reality game show we’ll be spoofing on for the final round? Hint: We’re saving the best for last.

In any case, we’ve decided to open up the voting on the web for the next round starting next week and let everyone out there have their pick in narrowing down the final round to help pick the winner.

If you haven’t been following along already, here’s each of the episodes leading up to today’s….


MD109 – Mahalo VLOG Idol, Episode 1

MD110 – Mahalo VLOG Idol, Episode 2

MD111 – Mahalo VLOG Idol, Episode 3

MD112 – Mahalo VLOG Idol, Episode 4

MD113 – Mahalo VLOG Idol Teaser 4

MD114 – Mahalo VLOG Idol, Episode 5

MD115 – Mahalo VLOG Idol, Episode 6

MD116 – The Bachelon, Episode 1

MD117 – The Bachelon, Episode 2

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