JasonNation logo contest

I think we need a logo for the JasonNation, which I’m planning on doing once a week at a set time. I’m thinking Wednesday’s at 5pm PST and 8PM EST this way folks on the west coast can watch at work and east coast folks can watch at home (or work if they are working late).

We need a logo and I have one of these really amazing DASH GPS units here. So, why don’t we do a little contest: best logo gets the DASH GPS unit. We’ll start today and decide by next week.

…. I’m thinking only five folks will even signup for this so you got a 20% chance of winning!

I’d like a logo that is iconic/powerful and that would look good on a tshirt, mug, or polo shirt. I really liked the Howard Stern Fist knock off someone did for JasonNation.

good luck!

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