Mahalo vlogidol starts in 48 hours: 12 contestants fight it out to be the new host!


Veronica has left the building and Mahalo Daily is lost and adrift! The team is desperate to find a replacement and clock is ticking now that we’ve used up all the shows that were in the can!


Starting Monday we air the search for the new how of Mahalo Daily. Watch the three teaser trailers now, and subscribe to Mahalo Daily in iTunes so you can be the first to see who will be eliminated. Also, you can subscribe on YouTube (note: if you subscribe to YouTube you’ll see all the boobies on YouTube… little known fact: you tube has mature content, but only if you create an account).

Mahalo vlogidol Teaser Trailer One: Loren Feldman loses it and one of the contestants breaks down–and cries!

Mahalo vlogidol Teaser Trailer Two: Budke and Lon at each other’s throats–again!

Mahalo vlogidol Teaser Trailer Three: Alex Albrecht goes wild while Kristina has a meltdown

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