The search for Mahalo Daily host is going amazing!

Yesterday we had close to 100 folks show up to audition to replace Veronica Belmont as the host of Mahalo Daily
(Veronica left for and is doing a great job on the show).

We narrowed down to 20 and did an American Idol parody which resulted in 13 folks going on to round three. Those folks are doing “man on the street” interviews right now. On Thursday afternoon at 2pm Loren Feldman, Alex Albrecht and I will narrow those 13 down again (perhaps to five, I’m not sure right now). Then those five or so are going to each do their own full episode of Mahalo Daily and we’ll do a round of audience voting and try to get down to 2-3 finalists.

The details are a little fluid (i.e. yesterday we were supposed to only have 10 finalists and we had 13… hey, it’s the interweb!).

There is a ton of coverage of the event out there since folks were doing streams and blog posts. Anyway, this is going to result in a KILLER new host for Mahalo Daily. The talent level was AMAZING.

All the videos will be released on Mahalo’s YouTube and Mahalo Daily’s RSS feed starting Wednesday! Subscribe to the Mahalo Daily on YouTube and Mahalo Daily on iTunes right now: Mahalo Daly on iTunes | Mahalo Daily on YouTube


You can see the background videos like this one… kind of fun.

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