Mahalo Vlogidol this weekend…

We’re gonna have a bunch of folks coming to Mahalo VLOGidol (a parody of the american idol program… yes a joke) this weekend in the hopes of finding someone to take over for the lovely and talented Veronica Belmont who is now hosting the very cool Tekzilla (we miss you V!). Truth be told, no one can replace V, but we’re hoping we can find the next big thing and build a new webstar from the ground up. That’s what the Mahalo Daily viewers seem to be in favor of anyway. 🙂

Some webcelebrity judges and I will be evaluating raw talent, and their we’re going to switch to an Apprentice-style competition where the finalists make shows.

Note: We have a male co-host already in Lon Harris (aka MERLon) so we’re only looking for a female co-host right now.

Note2: By the looks of the application grid my team just forwarded me (they got dozens of these in I’m told) it looks like there are a large number of potential show hosts in the Los Angeles area (o figure). Let’s hope that we find someone who is REALLY smart, tech-savvy, fun, adventurous, and *not* just a pretty face.

Note3: we are going to LIVE USTREAM the auditions this weekend! go to on Saturday @ 11AM PST (2pm EST) to watch the interviews get underway.

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