The screen above is from my DASH GPS system while on the way home tonight. As you can see at around 9pm all the roads except the little yellow sections are wide open.

The DASH GPS pulls real time traffic data from the web AND from other DASH GPS cars. So, if a car ahead of you shows the 405 at a dead stop and the internet data shows open the system is smart enough to reconcile the data. Hundreds of DASH GPS units are being deployed in SoCal and they are going to change traffic FOREVER.


Simple, when you get on the road and see RED lines most of the time you’ll say “Frack that, I’m not sitting in traffic!” If enough people do that the traffic gets dispersed either by people taking different routes or changing plans. We only need small number of folks to change their plans to make a HUGE impact.

Every day I make a decision to take the 405 and 10 to work or to take the street of Brentwood to Santa Monica. The streets take me 15 minutes and the highway takes six. I never take the highway because I can’t tell if it’s going to be backed up, and if it is backed up six minutes can turn into 45 as anyone in Los Angeles can tell you.

Well, now I just look at my DASH GPS and I know instantly if I should “risk it” because I’m no longer “risking it” getting on the 405.

This is the greatest gift to drivers since A/C or sat radio.

Drop everything and buy one.

Below: The DASH shows me the the 405 south is green/wide open but that 405 north is slow (and the 10 east is RED/dead stopped). I took the streets and the system saved me at least 30 minutes–perhaps 45. This thing will pay for itself instantly.

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