Random thoughts over a cup cup of Joe in Brentwood

Back to my random thoughts post…

  1. Michael Arrington and I will be announcing the TechCrunch event details later today. We’ve got some big news. It’s going to be amazing… I’m so proud of the work we’re doing getting startup companies a massive push. If you look at www.techcrunch40.com you’ll see so many companies that have done so well in the past seven months. Heather Harde, Mike’s partner in crime, has done amazing job locking down our partnerships with AMAZING companies including TKTKTKT, TKTKT, and TTKKTKTK (can’t tell your right now). I’m really excited that many of last years partners are coming back to help make this year 10x better. We are demanding a lot from our partners in terms of participation in the event, from helping the startup companies, to being at the event, to helping us find companies to present…. everything.
  2. The second part of my interview with The Deal is out… it’s got a linkbaiting headline as Beet.TV points out, but in fact I think it’s an important interview. I’m trying to let folks a little deeper into my thinking with my Jason Nation USTREAM channel and doing video podcasts. It’s easy to be misunderstood in a blog post or joking twitter. In video? It tends to go better.


  3. You can save 15% at Mashable on the SMX Social Media Marketing conference in Long Beach on April 22-23rd. I will be speaking on a panel with Jimmy Wales. That should be interesting, so much has happened since our last dance (video from audience) at the DLD conference. Here’s a YouTube interview from DLD I did.

  4. There is a very important piece by the very smart Seth Finkelstein in the The Guardian about Wikipedia and Jimmy Wales titled “Wikipedia school for scandal has plenty more secrets to reveal.” Jimbo calls Seth a “troll,” the rest of us think Seth is brilliant. Go figure.
  5. People are still talking about the “Are ad networks for weak publishers” post I did last week (Silicon Alley Insider republished it, and got good comments). To be clear, I said in the piece that folks with under $250,000 in revenue are fine to work with adnetworks, and that everyone should used text link ads from Google Adsense since they are so targeted. Now, we can argue the number (some folks say it should be $500,000, which I can understand), but the fact is at some point you’re throwing money away. Now, Federated Media or other niche ad networks are sort of side issue. I understand there are some niche sites that just don’t want to make the jump into being a “real” business/publishing house (think: boingboing). Totally get that. Rock on!
  6. This week I showed the power of QIK when I had 50+ folks vote for a digg. It was fun… folks blogged about it, lots of folks blogged it. Some Stumbled it. We still didn’t make the digg homepage.
  7. Our “Best Evil Robots” page on Mahalo got a lot of feedback.
  8. The JasonNation and Pirillosters are fighting it out on USTREAM. Photo evidence of puppy wars!
  9. Twitter is the big Mahalo back channel fyi. If you see a problem (like this guy) or want a page made just include the word Mahalo.com and/or @MahaloToDo. Mahalo is like the wikipedia–just with real names, and we pay folks.
  10. Pirillo is trying to get a large scale open source CMS project based on Drupal–watch the video of Chris explaining the project.
  11. CrowdFusion gets a mention.
  12. Sometimes I just sit around and watch the ThisNext Shopping map.

  13. PaidContent has hired a CEO. Way to go Rafat… you need to focus on the editorial where you’re passion is best put to use.

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