Jason Nation climbs to #3 on Twitter

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After yesterday’s QIK and Ustream madness the Jason Nation has rallied to take the third position on Twitter. You can see daily twitter stats at Twitterholic.com. As you can see we trail Robert Scoble by only 1,200 followers, and the next president of the United States by only 4,000 followers. As everyone knows we’re going to run some kind of giveaway to so that when we reach 20,000 subscribers and 1st place one of the followers will get my MacBook Air. (details, legal nonsense is coming shortly.. yes, if you win in you might need to pay your taxes or something).

The growth has been really stunning this month. As you can see below we’ve added 6,000 followers in 26 days. That’s over 200 a day… Wow!

Social media including ustream, Qik, Twitter, Ning, Facebook, and your blog are the MOST important things you can do to grow and market a startup company I’m convinced. Instead of hiring a PR firm I suggest hiring bloggers and social active folks.

On a side note, you can see Leo Laporte from TWiT is racing up the charts as well thanks to the fact that his podcast This Week in Tech gets 250,000 listeners. With that distribution channel it’s possible that Leo could be #1 in a couple of months. If Mark Cuban was on Twitter–and I’ve been pushing him to do it–he would have 20,000 folks. Imagine Mark Cuban twittering that he had 5,000 seats left for $5 each at a Mavs game and that each included one free beer? He would get tons of folks meeting him at a certain gate at his arena. This is a very real marketing tool for anyone who thinks it’s not.

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