Amazing Mahalo feedback from Derek

When someone takes the time to something amazing like this Mahalo feedback video you can’t help but blog about it. Derek and I have been trading barbs on Twitter, but being the intelligent gentleman he is he decided to do something deeper than throw stones: he actually used our product!

Derek: We’re all watching your video here at Mahalo right now and we’re very, very thankful that you took the time to make it. This kind of feedback is exactly what’s going to help us build not just a “good” product, but a truly great one.

I’ve posted a detailed response on his blog, and will do the same for the next four videos. We’re going to also play all five of his videos (four are coming later this week) at the Mahalo staff lunch.

Derek: if you ever make it out to Santa Monica you’ve got a sushi or steak dinner waiting for you!

Mahalo feedback from Derek

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