iPhone headphone splitter = conference call system!

On the road in New York City with Tyler. We’re doing a bunch of phone conferences and we realized we can plug two iPhone headphones *with* microphones into an iPhone with this extender Belkin and a simple headset splitter. Kind of amazing!

One thought on “iPhone headphone splitter = conference call system!

  1. At the top of this web-page, you highlight a very interesting configuration
    titled ‘Iphone headphone splitter = conference call systems ‘

    however, when I click, i do not see any more info.

    Can you describe this option to use the Iphone
    as a conference call machine, with two phone headphones.

    I want to be able to have a guest and I both plugged into the iphone
    with our respective headphone through a splitter.

    thanks, -Javier – javierbusta@mindspring.com

    The idea is that I want either of us to be able to speak
    into the iphone through our respective headset.

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