Note to self: stop promoting, start thinking again (or “Scoble’s Law”)

It’s really hard when you’re excited about what you’re working on to not talk about it. Especially on your personal channels like your blog, Twitter account, and Facebook page. Over the past month I’ve tried to stop talking about my day job and latest project and focus 100% of my talking at conferences and most of the talk on my blog/Twitter account on general topics related to technology and business.

Man, I feel like I’m the Silicon Alley Reporter again… people are really engaging me in discussions about what I’m writing, traffic is spiking, and so are inbound links. If I could give up the CEO gig I’d go back to writing 100% of the time. Writing really is my top “flow experience.”

Based on this I’m formulating the “Scoble’s Law” which is currently stated as: The less you talk about yourself, the more folks will talk about you. This is, of course, based on the fact that Robert Scoble never talks about Robert Scoble… and he’s the most popular independent blogger in the technology space. I have to say, not being able to land Robert to work at Mahalo is the biggest mistake I’ve made so far–I so blew it. FastCompany is really luck to have him. Grrrrrr……

Check out this technorati inbound links chart for Mahalo (why can I see a five year version of this Technorati!?!?). Major spikes over the past 10 days for my Google going to 90% marketshare and money saving tips for startup posts. So obvious… I’m such an idiot some times.
Technorati Chart
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Also, my twitter signups have skyrocketed recently… again, I think because i’m talking about other people and things on Twitter. In the last 10 days I’ve added over 1,000 subscribers. March 1st I had 8,364 and today I have over 9,600.

calacanis twitter subscribers

Look at My Alexa chart as well. As soon as I launched Mahalo (and moved to Twitter) my blog traffic sunk like a stone. Write a couple of solid blog posts and I rocketed back up.

The one month chart really shows the jump.

The last 30 days on SiteMeter show the two 25k days for Google to 90% and how to save money.

Anyway… I think I’m going to try to blog every day for the next 30 days and make every single post be about something other than my current project. Not sure I can do it, but I’m gonna try (blogging is a HUGE time suck). However, we did have like 100 folks ask to come work for us after the post I did on not having a life. So, there are some really good side effects. 🙂

Note: I’m also thinking of bringing back CalacanisCast in some form…. I’m thinking of calling it If I can find an anchor sponsor who will sponsor it for $1,000 a show/$50,000 a year donated to Bay Ridge Preps Opportunity fund (which puts foster kids in Brooklyn, my home town, into an amazing private school) I’d do it. If I get that one sponsor we can put a foster kid into a private school for four years–all of highschool. Think about that… come one GoDaddy or Audible or FastCompany–someone step up and let me do a live commercial for you every show. If interested talk to Tyler at

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