East Coast TV feed on the West Coast

I desperately need to get an East coast TV feed in my West coast office. Is there a way to do this? Thinking of putting a Slingbox in my parents house, but would rather be able to do this with cable, DirecTV, or Dish network. Need to get the local stations in New York City.


One thought on “East Coast TV feed on the West Coast

  1. I have been researching the same thing, short of calling
    DIRECTV directly. Ironically, I work for a dealer for DIRECTV
    but getting answers from our AM’s is not an easy task. Not
    interested in sitting on the phone waiting for them to answer
    the question either. HOWEVER, I did research directv.com and
    it does not seem to be available, not even for a fee. Last
    resort is to call and ask. Good Luck!

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