Mob behavior is sad reflection on our industry

It’s great that we all battle it out constantly on our blogs, and that the industry is super transparent. However, as one of the proponents of mixing it up and being competitive perhaps we all need to check ourselves and how we treat each other.

Watching the vicious attacks on Sarah Lacy I have to say I’m really disgusted. OK, so perhaps she did a bad job with the interview, it happens. Does it really require this kind of sustained attack on Twitter and our blogs?

Frankly, this is Dave Winer’s legacy…. after someone of his stature in the industry felt it was ok to heckle someone from the back of the room, apparently this is the new standard. Very sad…. well done Dave!

If someone were to behave this way at the WSJ D conference or the TED conference they would be looked at with shock. If you want to take someone on walk up the microphone during the Q&A session and ask a hard question like Marc Canter, Om Malik, Arrington, Rafat Ali, or I do… that’s the right moment. Aggressive debate is fine, yelling from the back of the room? Really.

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