9,000 twitter followers…. what does that mean?!

My twitter feed now has over 9,000 followers… I’m fairly certain I now have more folks following me on twitter than on my blog.

What does that mean!?


What’s really interesting is that if you look at the top users only four are “real” people: Leo, Justin, Merlin, and Scoble. The others are software (twittervision, twitterriffic), CNN, and a presidential candidate.

Scoble has 12,000 people… wow.

Right now I’m adding around 50 folks a day. If that keeps up I think I’ll have around 25,000 folks in a year. That’s really wild when you think about it.

Twtitter is the #2 referrer of traffic to my blog… behind Google. Wow.

5 thoughts on “9,000 twitter followers…. what does that mean?!

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    -j. eubanks

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