Allen & Co. Arizona conference

Just landed in Arizona for the Allen & Co. conference. This is my second year… it’s an ultra cool conference, but I think they like it off the record so I’m going to probably be light on the twitter, Qik videos, Flickr photos and blog posts until Wednesday.

That reminds me… if you are not following me on those services take a look in the bio box on the top right of the page and go add me! I do 90% of my blogging on Twitter, Flickr, and Qik now!

Crazy week… Affiliate Summit in Vegas, super secret dinner at the TED conference, back to LA, and now AZ. It seems like an amazing, epic life I know…. and it is, and I’m sooooo happy. However, I wish I was home watching Law & Order with my wife, Taurus, and Fondue. 🙁

xoxoxo j

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