Mahalo Follow beta upcoming features

We are keeping the beta version of Mahalo Follow here:

There are two new features we are working on:

  1. Placing our Mahalo Top 7 on Google searches (this is NOT in the beta, we’re still finishing it).
  2. Putting “Mahalo approved” icons on each search result on Google.

If you look at the search below you’ll see that the Mahalo Top 7 is inserted above the Google results, and the URL for Lost (TV series) on Wikipedia has three links from Mahalo pages (on right you can see Elizabeth Mitchell, Nestor Carbonell and our Lost page all link to that Wikipedia page).

The concept is that the number of pages linking to a URL from Mahalo’s space index are a proxy for the quality and trust of a link.

Of course you can go to Tools, AddOn, and Preferences in Firefox and turn all of these features on and off easily.

Here is an additional search for iPod:

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