Social search coming together…

Notice anything in that screen shot above?

We’ve added two lines to the home page of Mahalo:

  1. Help Build
  2. Helping Now

The first line shows what pages the community is working on right now. The second line shows who the last six contributors to the site were. So, right now we are building pages for: Bill Elliott, GM Buyouts, Internet Tubes, Geeks, Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men. The folks who’ve added the last six links to *those* pages are: Angieh, Jonathan h, Crystal arcand, Tiredthumbs, Melindam, Joshuak.

I think you guys can see where this is headed: if you help build pages you’re going to get traffic to your profile page. If you get more traffic to your profile page you can get more people to add you as a friend on not only Mahalo Social, but also your Facebook, StumbleUpon, Delicious, MySpace, LinkedIn, Flickr, blog, and whatever other services you decide to add to your “multiprofile.”

As you can see we redesigned the multiprofile to be more space efficient. Now all the services have icons. Below we can see melindam’s profile page on Mahalo and the icons for her Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, StumbleUpon, and Digg pages. Digg is actually shown in the tab since I clicked on the digg icon. This lets you easily browse Melindam’s social presence online.

Thought anyone? What’s the next step?

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