***BREAKING*** |||MUST CREDIT CALACANIS.COM ||| Scoble needs to make money, puts ads on his blog seven years later

TechCrunch sticks it to Scoble today for finally putting ads on his very popular blog as part of his move to Fast Company.

OMG!!! Scoble to add ads!??!


Come on…. Scoble is the last person to NOT have ads on his blog. Who cares if he has ads!? If you don’t like them get an ad blocker, stop reading him, or read his RSS feed. This is the biggest non-issue in the world.

Scoble’s value is his audience and he finally has been smart enough to make some money from the value he provides them. Not a big deal.

Frankly, I think Scoble should ad advertising to his Twitter and Facebook pages!

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