Free Apple Air laptops contest

I’ve ordered two Apple MacBook Air laptops to give away at Mahalo in some type of a contest. Looking for ideas of how to give away the laptops that generate MORE value for Mahalo then the actual ~$2,000 in cost associate with the laptop.

Some of the (obvious) key metrics we follow at Mahalo are:

1. Number of search pages created
2. Number of people signing up for Mahalo (i.e. registered users)
3. Number of user links submitted and added to Mahalo
4. Number of links *accepted* to Mahalo pages
5. Pageviews
6. Unique visitors
7. How To articles created

Does anyone have any ideas!??!

4 thoughts on “Free Apple Air laptops contest

  1. use the “pay it forward” method:

    Maybe you can reply to those of us who leave comments via email provided and respond by asking us to contact 3 other people to be directed to your website. Of course,there has to be an incentive. Could you possibly offer something small such as a free song download, or provide a contest of who has the best user pic–just a little incentive that would make them want to subscribe.

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