thanks Fast Company! (or why you souldn’t believe your own press)

I’ve never been one to focus on press clips. As far as I’m concerned 90% of press coverage you get is in the review mirror–it’s a reflection of what you’ve done. As such, it’s not very important. You know what you’ve done, and if you’re like me you really don’t care about the past as much as you care about the future.

In my delusional mind Weblogs, Inc. and Silicon Alley Reporter will be footnotes to the Mahalo story (in fact, Silicon Alley Reporter was a footnote to the Weblogs, Inc. story).

Regardless, I really liked the story Fast Company did on Mahalo. I think they really took the time to understand our vision for a new kind of “search service,” and they told that story well.

They also were very kind to name me one of their Most Innovative Business People of 2007. I’m really flattered.

[ Also, they took amazing photos… which means a lot since most folks only remember the photos. 🙂 ]

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