cigna sucks?

  • Question: If everyone did a blog post saying “Cigna Sucks!” or “Screw you CIGNA!” would that get to the front page of the WSJ/NYT? Would it impact CIGNA’s stock price?! Would it get to the #1 result on Google for Cigna ABOVE Cigna’s own home page?!

    I wonder what would happen if 1,000 or 10,000 bloggers did a post what impact that would have on how CIGNA treats people?

    I wonder what would happen if 100,000 folks did this blog post/Twitter/Facebook/MySpace post?

    What is 1M people did it!?!?

9 thoughts on “cigna sucks?

  1. Our company just got this insurance (thanks assholes!) Now I
    have to change my doctor who I have seen for over 20 years
    and my drugstore. Cigna sucks big time….

  2. Cigna requires that representatives talk to people that call in for assistance with benefits, eligiblity or claims 2 minutes. They berate reps for “engaging the caller with idle chit chat”. Their metrics show that by talking extensivly over 2 minutes costs them 400,000 overall per minute. They don’t want to pay for customer service because it eats into their overhead

  3. Maybe it is a common practice for insurance companies to tell a patient (me) that they can not a prescribed medication but that is exactly what cigna did. I was prescribed 1 medication and their associate told me I could not the medicine because it is not safe. Hmmm? The one they authorized is cheaper and MUCH WORSE for my health than the on prescribed. If my employer does not change my medical provider I am changing employers. You suck cigna.

  4. The coverage they have for their employees is one of the WORST plans they have. Being a health insurance company they should be able to provide good coverage for their own employees. What a slap in the face!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Yikes! My retirement paid out my subsidized health plan from a big reliable company (1) for years. Now, they sold the affair to another company (2), who turned around and sold (?) the collection business to another company (3). The electronic tranfer business was sold by (3) to (4).
    Now (2) summarily moved me from BlueCross (a non profit) to Cigna. Gimmee single payer!!!

  6. I believe if everyone that has acomplaint against CIGNA would avoid the bad language & write their US Rep and Sentor, their state insurance board, Wall Street Journal & the whitehouse(just for whatever). I chose CIGNA because they told me my insulin would be an $8 co-pay, well they changed that to a $40 co-pay. I told them I wanted a plan with no deductible and mine was $100. That was my fault I did not read close enough, but for a rep to say $8 co-pay & then it turns into $40 that is not acceptable. They also say tier 3 is for drugs over $100 & I have found 2 drugs I need under $$100, one of them by $30. I should have known better than to go with them, because before I retired we had them at work. They are famous for changing things in mid-stream. I went to the doctor yesterday for allergy’s & the med she ordered I cannot aford through CIGNA. One was allegra, which cost under $100(no more than $80) and they have it on tier 3, which is $40 and the other is under $100 and they have tier 3. I am retired and live on a small retirment and SS I can’t just come up with $80. I do not know how they can be approved by Medicare part D. I have spoke with Medicare and some other things cigna is doing, Medicare says they can’t but they keep on doing it & nothing is done!!!!!!!!!! I am writing many many letters & we will see where it leads. Just remember bad language gets you know where. Facts get you somewhere!

  7. HI, Cigna did not do my GB surgery, then when I got another
    health insurance company, they
    did the GB surgery and the results were

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