Apple getting cocky? More Macbook wifi problems.

My MacBook wifi started having problems a year ago. I blogged it, I searched message boards, and I talked to dozens of folks with the same problem. Mac wouldn’t even recognize their was a problem.

Then I gave Apple more money for OS Leopard (or whatever this is called) and wiped my system clean. Did a complete reinstall. The wifi worked WORSE!

Apple will still not recognize there is a problem.

I’m in the Starbucks here at LAX airport and my Mac can’t connect to tmobile–which I pay for. So, I’m forced to use my Spring EVDO card–which I pay for.

This is the second major issue I’ve had with a Mac… the last one felt like it was going to light my jeans on fire.

Combine this with bricking iPhones and I’m starting to wonder: is Apple getting cocky? Why do I need to go to genius bar to get help with wifi. Shouldnt that “just work?” Isn’t that the promise of Apple in the first place… it just works!

Then again, I love surfing the web with my iPhone and downloading podcasts with iTunes. I just don’t like the Apple laptops.I guess I should just buy the sub-note book when it comes out. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Apple getting cocky? More Macbook wifi problems.

  1. Did you ever resolve this issue? I am also having wireless
    problems on my Macbook. It worked fine for months and now,
    poof, nothing. If it were a PC I would just buy a
    wireless usb key, but I don’t even know how to do that with a

  2. Hi there,
    I agree with you. I have a white Macbook, and cant get rid of the wifi problems!! I keep having them, and I am fed up with it. I feel like just chucking my laptop into the garbage can. Apples used to be good, and now they just suck!
    My iPhone works just fine with wifi, but my laptop just gets worse! I went to the Genius bar twice here in London, and both times they claimed there was no issue. I had to move to Wales (temporarily), and there is no Apple store anywhere near here, so now I am miles away, and my wifi still does not work properly at all, and I need my laptop for work. Its an awful situation, that they dont recognise. I have always been against the archaic design of the PC OS and user-friendliness, but I am afraid that is where i will need to go for a new laptop. Apple just cant keep up anymore. I am disappointed.
    -Partner in disgust

  3. this is going to sound like a complete noob way but i went into
    my internet settings and put it into bootp tryed to go on didnt work obviously so then i went back and switched it to dhcp and i havent had ne problems with it yet
    hope that helps.

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