Mahalo Daily distribution: 400k views in 15 shows

Wow… Mahalo Daily is off to an AMAZING start. We’ve done 15 shows and well over 400k views already (Blip.Tv stats below which don’t include syndication to Facebook and YouTube). The shows in the archive keep growing, and the new shows are getting better and better. We’re about to hit 1,000 members of the Facebook group as well! Not to shabby.

We set the goal of getting to 100k views per day and we’re 15-20% of the way there already. That’s amazing.

We’ve started talking to some partners who can help us with that goal.

Who do you think the top players are who could deliver 100k viewers a day instantly?

  1. YouTube/Google
  2. AOL
  3. Yahoo
  4. MSN
  5. MySpace
  6. CBS
  7. ABC
  8. NBC

Seems like the startups can help you grow, but can any of these deliver serious traffic (defined as over 10,000 views a day over a sustained period)?!?

  1. Rev3
  2. PodShow
  3. PodTech
  4. Blip.TV
  5. Vimeo

Interested in hearing who you think we left off this list.

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