Trying to make the best travel search results… feedback?

Travel is one of our strongest categories on Mahalo. We really crush machine search and portal approaches with our pages, and folks tell me all the time that they come to Mahalo when they are planning a trip.

Now that we’ve done:


For the major cities, we’re experimenting with two more types of pages:

the actual names of major hotels with pricing details.

What do you guys think of these pages:

  1. Bellagio Hotel and Caesars Palace
  2. Las Vegas Hotels
  3. Cheap Hotels New York, Cheap Las Vegas Hotels and Cheap Flights New York

You might think it takes a long time to put something like the table below together, but it’s about an hour of work. If 10,000 folks a year do this research already putting a human on the task for one hour makes sense. It really demonstrates how to get the best price, and it’s a starting point for folks to share their travel tips with other folks (i.e. we figure out how who has the best price and what discounts work best and that inspires other folks to share their tips with us, and we can add those tips to the page).

  1. Thoughts?
  2. How would you make these pages better?
  3. Would you use a page like this?
  4. Would you send your mom, brother, kid, etc. (non-tech savvy person) to these pages?
  5. How do you find the best travel deals?

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