Congrats to Tyler & Veronica on an amazing first week for Mahalo Daily

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My guess was that 1-3k folks would watch each of the first five Mahalo Daily shows (trailer + first four), but I’m thrilled to report that Mahalo Daily broke 100k views already!

Blip.TV is showing over 100k views for the Flash player alone. With the number of downloads, Facebook views, and YouTube views that number has to be well over 125/150k. Couple thousand folks have signed up for the RSS feed already.

You can find us on iTunes here, and subscribe on iTunes here.

Amazing! My hope is that Mahalo Daily can get to 100k views per show (looks like we’re 12-37% there so far.. perhaps these shows will get to 50-75k views each over the coming weeks). That would be amazing… anyone have tips on how to get the show to 100k views a day quickly (besides making a great show)? I’m sure it will get their organically, but we’re open to partnerships if someone can get us to 100k views per show today.

Congrats to Veronica Belmont on an AMAZING job working really hard to make these shows epic and for Tyler’s amazing work as executive producer. The two of you put in three months of hard work and it really shows… I couldn’t be happier with the product and the performance!

UPDATE: Folks have been answering the question on LinkedIn with some great answers!

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