How to get a page made on Mahalo in ~24 hours

A lot of folks have asked me how they can get a page made for their company, product, service, or themselves in Mahalo. Here’s a little tip: request it!

When you type in a search at Mahalo and we don’t have it we say: “Notify me when Mahalo creates a result page for “grey wolf”

If you click on the Notify me link a box opens (see image below) asking you for your email. If three to five folks request a page it goes right to the top of the “to do” list for Mahalo Guides.

Here’s what the page looks like for Mahalo Guides (note: many of these pages are already done, this list includes all requested pages even if we’ve done them and is just one snap shot in time. As you can see the Guides can create the page with one click and see who requested it, so use real email addresses for best results).

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