Random thoughts from the Starbucks at the corner of 49th and Madison Avenue

1. I’m loving the Google + Everyone vs. Facebook smackdown… it’s amazing that in one month’s time social media has hit such a tipping point that the entire industry is spinning into a frenzy that, ultimately, will benefit users.

2. If you look at the social media timeline MySpace created a free-for-all open platform to take down Friendster, Facebook made their platform open to advertising and app developers to take down MySpace, and now Google and everyone is going open across networks to neutralize Facebook. What a chess match! The best part is that the space continues to move toward more open.

3. We’re taping a not-the-Gillmor Gang right now… the whole gang is on the line. This is my favorite hour of the week on a business level. I hope Steve Gillmor can keep it going. It’s just such an amazing festival of discourse, debate, and friendship. It’s like us sitting around a table having steaks and cigars until late into the night–every week. These are the good days boys… let’s cherish them. Speaking of boys, why are there not girls on the Gillmor Gang?!?!?

4. New York City is packed. There are people everywhere, the subway is packed at all hours of the day, and cabs can’t move to the point at which I had to get out of cabs 2x and get on the subway this trip! I’ve given up on cabs and moved to 100% subway… it’s the only way to get around.

5. Dim Sum 2.0 last night was AMAZING! I thought it would be 10 folks who I already knew, instead 50+ folks showed up and I only knew five or six of them. I met so many interesting folks who were doing interesting things. A lot of developers, bloggers, media folks, and just hustlers trying to make something happen. I’m enjoying these FLASH Dim Sum Mobs over uber-conferences like Web 2.0 where I know everyone and it’s all “very high level.” Out industry is not about being “high level” it’s about breaking things down and making it happen on the *street* level. I gots mad love for the streets yo! Let’s do it again soon!

6. Twitter has become my most essential communications tools–ever more than email and IM. Certainly more than social networks. If I could invest in one company (our side of Mahalo) right now it would be Twitter. I communicate with thousands of people all day long over Twitter and I’ve developed many more relationships thanks to Twitter than any social networking software–ever.

7. That being said, Facebook was an AMAZING tool for putting together the Dim Sum Flashmob… those cats really know how to build a great product–if only they would put the data in the email alerts!

8. I’ve had 10+ serious meetings in New York… it’s been great to have some many important organizations show interest in Mahalo and what we’re doing. We’ve made so much progress I can’t believe it’s only been five months.

9. I’ve done six speaking gigs in 10 days–three at universities (USC, UCLA, and NYU). I love speaking to students… great energy.

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