Facebook’s WORST two features

There are two features I really hate about Facebook:

1. Email alerts that force you to come back to the website. When someone posts to a wall, sends you a note, or posts do a group Facebook will send you a notification. That’s great, except the notification email is like ten lines long and contains everything BUT THE MESSAGE. Here’s the standard message… it’s just such a waste of time…. UGH!!!

2. Having to autoconfirm each friend request with a two step process. UGH. Can’t I just accept folks like on Pownce with one click without all this fancy popup nonsense!?!?!? It’s such a waste of time.

I think Facebook is moving away from their efficient design and starting to get caught up in the short-term page view trap. I’m sure someone doesn’t want to send the notes saying “oh, 8% of our traffic comes from those notes!” What they don’t realize is that folks might use Facebook 20x more for emailing notes if it wasn’t so horribly designed. Also, folks might add more friends, more often if it wasn’t so poorly designed.

If you want to build the best social network out there make it the easiest to use with the least page view refreshes. Please God.

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