2007-11-01 11:28:00

I love it!

PayPerPost changed their name to IZEA today… a desperate move by a smarmy company that is the direct result of Google smacking down folks who sell paid links (which is what PayPerPost is–paid linking).

The PayPerPost name might as well be “get your blog removed from Google Index” or “How to commit search engine Sepuku.”

I called it back in April…

That being said, the CEO of PayPerPostIZEA, Ted Murphy, is one of the most stubborn and most delusional entrepreneurs I’ve ever met… I mean, the guy let me write “CalacanisCast” on his forehead.. come on! I’m sure he will keep changing his ideas around until a) something works or b) he runs out of money. I wish him luck and hope he moves from scams like convert marketing to transparent marketing.

… and now we pray to the Google Gods:

Google is good…
Google is great…

All hail the Google Gods for removing this plague from our village!

We thank you Google for you love and kindness.

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