Mahalo Daily coming November 5th! (or “Why would a search engine have a video show?”)

The image The Mahalo Daily video show starts Monday with the wonderful Veronica Belmont. You can find the show at ( forwards you there). You can subscribe here. The video is also on Facebook, where you can join the Mahalo Daily Group. Oh yeah, you can vote for the trailer on digg too.

I’m REALLY excited about it!

For those of you who don’t know V, she was the rising star at CNET over the past couple of years. She started as an engineer, but her on-talent and knowledge of all things digital quickly brought her out from behind the camera. She became the co-host of Buzz Out Loud with my friends Tom and Molly, and quickly developed a very loyal fan base.

Over the summer Veronica and I were talking about her booming career and I asked her if she would be interested in doing a daily show for Mahalo. The concept was pretty simple: every day talk about something you find really interesting that is related (broadly) to technology, internet culture, or the media.

Basically, just be Veronica! She was looking for a project to focus her talents on and… well… the rest is history. It took us a little while to get the show to the point at which we felt it did justice to VB’s past work and what her fanbase would want…. be three months later we’re there, and Monday it starts! (remember, remember the 5th day of November!).

The topics would be researched by our team of Guides before and after we taped the show. So, if our researches at Mahalo were doing search pages (“SeRPs,” for search engine result pages) on Halo 3, playing a guitar, or the Tesla electric car, Veronica could then go do a show about those topics. In some cases Veronica might find something interesting (as she is very apt to do) and send that topic down to Mahalo researchers for further investigation.

So, imagine mashing up a daily video show like WallStrip or RocketBoom and combining it with the Wikipedia or digg… or something like that. The metaphor is not perfect, but it doesn’t have to be… I think you get the idea: show + research = goodness.

Yesterday we released a fun trailer that I make a cameo in (don’t worry, it’s my first and last time on the show!). Starting Monday we’ll be (almost) daily at four days a week. After some feedback we’ll go to five.

Some folks asked me “what does a daily video show have to do with a search engine?” Well, what does having a blog have to do with running a company? That’s the question I would get every day four years ago when I said that every CEO/executive should blog. Today saying executives should blog sounds, well, obviously.

In the future every company will have a video show, not just a blog.

There is nothing like video to communicate a brand’s value proposition than video. Imagine if Jetblue had a show about working at the airline? Well, Southwest Airlines does on A&E and it’s really amazing! Now, Mahalo Daily is not going to be about the inner workings of Mahalo (we’re not so vain.. sorry!), but it is going to be about what Mahalo is about: helping people.

Our core value proposition at Mahalo is that we can help you find interesting, high quality stuff on the web. Some folks call it discovery. Our tag line is “we’re here to help,” and the Mahalo Daily will convey that message to folks in an entertaining, fun, and informative way.

Again, it’s not a commercial for Mahalo. It’s entertainment that will stand on it’s own, but after you watch the show if you want to go deeper we’re going to have a bunch of links for you researched by our super motivated and growing team of Guides (both full-time and freelance).

Really looking forward to where Veronica and Tyler take the show… I’ve seen the first 10 or so episodes and they’re great. I’m sure with some feedback from the audience Mahalo Daily will become a must watch.

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