Klipsch peeps are ON IT! (or, why being an “A list” blogger really is frackin’ awseome)

Yesterday I wrote about how my new Klipsch speakers were going bonkers with a wild blaring alarm sound and how I could have avoided it if I had just researched the speakers in their forum or the Amazon reviews. Well, the speakers are working now (no idea why) and last night at 9:33PM–while I was doing Kanye West’s STRONGER at the Mahalo karaoke party–I got an email from someone at Klipsh.

My post was written at 12:32PM. So, due to my blog I was able to get direct customer support within nine hours. That’s kind of rad and I think it’s the future. I have searches setup for the “calacanis” and “mahalo” and I respond to folks who blog about us in two minutes to two hours on average I would say. In fact, if you go do a search for Mahalo you’ll see that many time I’m the first comment under a blog post. For me engaging with customers is one of the most important things you can do in business.

In fact, if you want to be on my radar the best thing to do is blog about what you think about Mahalo because you can be 100% sure I’ll read it. Some of the folks I have a really deep blog relationship with right now are folks like the SEO GreyWolf, Technosailor who loves to predict my doom, the self-loathing gossiper Owen Thomas, and the highly-cantankerous CenterNetworks. I’ve secretly (and loving) named them the “Calacanis Wack Pack” (hat tip: Howard) since these guys are exactly the kind of folks I WOULDN’T hang with in the real world typically. Online? They take half my attention! They’re very smart… they fight up, bust my chops, and keep my honest. I love them… I mean, I hate them often… but I love them for caring and speaking their mind–even when they’re wrong. As they say on Facebook, it’s complicated.

Now, is this Klipsch early response because I’m a (supposed) “A-list” blogger or because they are tracking such things? Did someone email them my post? Who knows, who cares… they are on it!

Frankly, I don’t even know what the team “A-list” means and I’ve never bought into it since anyone can be on the A-list if they blog intelligently for a couple of months/years. In fact, being the A-list of a bunch of misfits–which is what bloggers (myself included) typically are–is like saying you’re the Mayor of an insane asylum.

Congratulations! Put the ball in the basket Chief! It’s easier than you think, Chief.

But I digress… the Klipsch speakers that I hated yesterday because of the problem that went away I now love because I feel like someone at the company will solve the problem instantly for me if it comes back. Now I can recommend to folks they get Klipsch products because a) they sound great and b) if they have problems at least you know they really care.

That’s more than I can say about the @#$%#$% folks at Asurion!

OK… I’m off to the speaking gig at UCLA.

Here’s the email name removed… j

Hi Jason,

My name is [TKTKTK]–I work in the [TKTKTKT] department
at Klipsch. I came across your blog concerning
the trouble you’ve had with the 2.0s. I’m curious
if you have contacted us for help in getting them
exchanged? They carry a one year warranty. I’m
also aware of other complaints on our forum and
amazon.com, but we do analyze our data closely to
follow product trends and address issues as
necessary. The internet is an extremely skewed
example of how well a product is performing, and
in the case of the 2.0s, they are a solid system

I’m sorry you feel no one at Klipsch is listening,
but honestly nothing is further from the truth.
We absolutely honor warranties on all our
products, and if there was a defect discovered in
the design of any model, an engineering change
would be made promptly–implemented in the next
production run.

Our forum is a peer to peer support network, and
not all posts are responded to by Klipsch
personnel. We do have a very sincere relationship
with our customer base however, and all
calls/emails are answered as promptly as possible
by customer service and tech support reps who work
for Klipsch at our engineering and administrative
headquarters. Any reoccuring complaints are
physically walked downstairs to our engineers to
be addressed promptly. We have nothing to gain by
knowingly selling defective merchandise!

Please also note that the Ultra 2.0s have been out
of production for many months, replaced recently
by the Groove PM 20 model.

If you have any questions or need help setting up
an exchange, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you!


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