Klipsch speaker problems — wild loud noise plus poping and crackling!

I bought these well reviewed Klipsch ProMedia Ultra 2.0 PC speakers and they sounded amazing–for 30 seconds. Then they let out a high pitched scream that won’t stop. I woke up the whole house, puppies and all… GRRRRRRRRR….

If only I had read this review at Amazon… or the Klipsch forums where folks are venting on the Klipsch folks–and NO ONE FROM Klipsch seems to be listening!!! Ummm… hey guys are Klipsch… if you’re going to blog and put up forums you might want to interact with your customers!

Anyone has any ideas for great speakers for my computer?

[ Note: As with all customer service problems, it is best that bloggers link to each other, write thing up on Consumerist, and post to delicious so that the customer support people get the clue when they see a bad review on their Google SERP. ]

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