UCLA StartUp LA Keynote Friday, and USC panel Saturday…

I’ve been getting 20-30 speaking offers a month for the past couple of months and I have a really hard time saying no to these things. I think I’m averaging three month, which puts me on track for 30+ this year. I told myself (and my wife) I would do one a month, but it’s so hard for me to say no. Especially when it’s a student organization or a regional event like ConvergeSouth. Some of my best creative ideas come when I go to networking events, and some of the biggest business deals I’ve been involved with went down after meeting folks at these kind of events.

This weekend I’ve got back to back speaking gigs at UCLA and USC!

Fireside/Keynote Chat @ 5:25PM

USC Instittue on Entertainment Law and Business
Panel: How do you make money on the Internet? (right before Barry Diller–who’s always a riot/super smart/blunt/entertaining).

Anyone out there going to either event?

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