Smartlinks by Adaptive Blue is very cool… semantic + expert web coming together!

AdaptiveBlue is a very cool Firefox plugin that is very Web 3.0 (The Tim O’Reilly version of Web 3.0 that is, the semantic web… as opposed to the Calacanis version of Web 3.0, the “gifted” web :-).

Their latest tool, a plugin for bloggers, automatically puts a little icon next to keywords and give users a context popup with a collection or related links. Similar in function to Mahalo, but automated. As you can see above they link to Mahalo when we have a page… which is very cool. Mahalo for that!

We have a similar, yet more primitive, version of something similar running for WordPress the pulls up the Mahalo top seven. The semantic and expert web are coming together and it’s going to be VERY powerful.

Congrats to our friends at AB for their latest triumph!

Fred has some thoughts as well (and that’s his image I’ve hijacked!).

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