SEO panel at Web 2.0

I’m in the workshop on how to spam Google… ummm… I mean, how to do SEO, at the Web 2.0 Summit.

The speaker is talking about making great content and inserting yourself into interesting conversation. He’s talking about creating community and then listening to the community for what is coming up next in terms of hot search terms, topics, and themes.

This guy sounds more like Doc or Scoble than an SEO.

… more update to come.

OK, I sat through the whole panel. They said very little… you could have gotten the value of this panel by reading a blog post or two on the subject.

I think that SEOs have such a small amount of actual advice that they never say anything in these panels/clinics because if they did you wouldn’t need to hire them. I’ve seen a half dozen SEO-related panels over the year and it’s always the same thing… like some infomercial where they will tell you their five secrets… IF you give them $199.95.

People are coming up to ask questions and the guy keeps saying “well you have to do social work on digg and reddit, but it’s complicated and we need to talk about it.” During the panel he said “it’s complicated, we should talk about it after the panel.” I’m sure folks will come to his office and he’ll say “it’s complicated, sign this contract and we can start working on it.”


One thought on “SEO panel at Web 2.0

  1. Spot on. Most SEO’s are snake oil salesmen.

    Can’t wait until search engines are up to the task of weeding the shit out.

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