I love when we get a match…

When we have a match for a person’s need in the Mahalo database it’s pure magic… we’re only four months into Mahalo’s alpha/beta and we’re getting stories like this every day:

  • So I asked Maholo for hotels in Paris and got this page: easy to use, straight-forward with a reasonable number of choices. In the “Moderate Hotels” category I found one that was in the right location: the Hotel Langlois – it looks nice, has a great rating on TripAdvisor. It even got free Wifi! I booked my room and was all set in less than 10 minutes. Wow!!

    Not sure how well Maholo works for other things. The idea of human powered search seems compelling, but keeping up with the Web is quite a task and I am not sure if humans are really up to it. Anyway, in this case Mahalo worked definitely as advertised. So, mahalo for the help, Mahalo! 😉

So, the only issue for our business is really how wide we can go (deep isn’t an issue obviously since 99% of folks don’t need more than 10-20 good links and our pages have 40-50 good links on average). Getting wide is our big challenge… and we’re figuring it out every day.

Have you got a Mahalo match story? Let me know and let us know how we can do more to save you time.

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