Blade Runner night out…

Blade Runner: The Final Cut was STUNNING last night. I’ve seen Blade Runner dozens of times on DVD/VHS, but nothing prepared me for the greatness that was The Final Cut. The film looks like it was made in 2007. The images were so stunning that it would seriously win an Oscar for best effects in 2008. The detail level of the images in the background was so great that I found myself drifting off of the characters and into the the details of the buildings, cars, and alleyways.

If you only see one film this year go see Blade Runner on a digital projector…. right now it’s only playing in LA and NYC, however to my friends in San Francisco I can tell you it is EASILY worth making the trip to the Landmark Theater (respek to Cubes for building this place) in Los Angeles where they are showing it on a SICK 4k projector.

The guy who produced Blade Runner was there with an original jacket, as was the producer.

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