ComicMix: Building the next Marvel online one comic at a time…

Congrat to Brian Alvey (my partner @ Weblogs, Inc) and his team for quietly launching what I’m sure will be one of the most successful companies in the Web 3.0 era (the Web 3.0 era being based on high-quality content + lightweight, open source technology): COMICMIX.COM

ComicMix is essentially Weblogs, Inc. for comics. Brian is building platform for comic book artists to create and distribute comics online. He’s going to disintermediate a bunch of publishers and middle management types who currently provide little value to the comic creators and consumers. I predict that he’ll have a hit that makes it to the big screen within five years…. ComicMix is going to be the next Marvel–you heard it here first.

Ironically Brian is taking a similar path to our partner Peter Rojas of Engadget fame. Peter is doing a record label (called rcrd lbl) that, again, connects artists with their fans. Some times he calls it the “Weblogs, Inc. of music.” Both sites will be make money with advertising.

Weblogs, Inc. has create an army of entrepreneurs, and I’m really proud of that. Silicon Alley Reporter created a crop of stars who went on to bigger and better things as well (Rafat ali and Xeni Jardin among others). I think that the real measure of a CEO is what their management teams do AFTER they’ve finished working with (for) them. Great managers hire people who will, eventually, go on to big things.

Watching Brian and Peter build what I believe will be $100M+ businesses from the ground up gives me great pride.

[ Note: Some other folks on the Weblogs, Inc./Netscape teams are working on some cool projects as well…. but that’s for another day. ]

Below: The very, very cool NON-DRM comixmix player.
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