Random thoughts from a Starbucks outdoor cafe on Jessie

Getting ready for another 10 hours of conference demo prep… some random thoughts:

  1. In my last message about the zombie/hipster/homeless problem someone gave me a tip which has restored my faith in power of blogging: “One thing I’ve found in SF is that the homeless don’t walk up the steep SF hills, which is why I live on a hill in North Beach. They tend to reside in flatter areas with more people, like in the Mission.”
  2. I watched 15 minutes of Rushmore today. It’s one of the finest films ever made about friendship and love.
  3. The film also has one of the funniest–yet most overlooked–lines in cinema: “Oh, are they?”
  4. SF may have a serious homeless problem, but it’s got it doesn’t suffer from a lack-of-amazing-Chinese food problem. I’ve had Chinese food two nights and a row and tonight I’m going back for more.
  5. I really want to go back to China–for the food.
  6. You can really tell he character of a person by who they surround themselves with.
  7. You can also tell a person’s worth by the nature of their enemies/the people who distance themselves from them.
  8. I turned on CNN and there was something about OJ Simpson being arrested. I guess this means the Knicks are going to the playoffs again? (inside joke for New Yorkers).
  9. Some members of my team have been helping coordinate the TechCrunch40 event and they’re amazing… they’re staying up late, getting up early, and burning themselves out. Great work is never created without serious sacrifice. Based on the massive burnout I’m feeling–and I can see in their eyes–this is going to be an amazing event.
  10. We got Mahalo hats in the gift bags. They look great and that will be the total extent of Mahalo promotion at the event. I’m really trying to play down my participation in the event and focus people on the 140 companies on stage and in the DMEOPIT area. Folks keeps saying it’s going to be a platform for Mahalo… so silly. Mahalo doesn’t need any promotion amongst VCs (we’re fully funded) and we certainly don’t need any press amongst the Web 2.0 crowd. We’re in “put your head down and make the product great” mode and we will be for the next four years.
  11. Some days iced coffee is so great… other days hot coffee is great. Sure, it’s based on temperature most times, but today is cool and brisk and I could easily have ordered hot. In fact, today is the day you order hot. So why did I order cold? Is there a pattern? Is it related to emotion or some habit? Is it based on the clothes I’m wearing?
  12. Based on #11 you now know the torture of my life: I think about everything. I analyze everything around me constantly. I think it’s something that playing videos games and the Internet has caused. I’m drawn to behaviors that require constant pattern recognition and questioning.
  13. I was really hard on some of the companies yesterday. I’m pounding on people to get them ready for the gauntlet they are about to face. I’m someone will put out a blog post saying I was a jerk or obnoxious during these pre-conference demos, but I gave everyone the disclaimer that I would play the role of the “berating jerk in the audience.” It’s a role that I’ve never played, but I’ve certainly been on the other side. It’s been fun channeling the jerk in the audience role, and I think after the film AUGUST comes out I might together a reel with Center of the World footage and try and get some more bit parts in indie films. I think I could be this generations Cory Feldman. Oh wait, he’s my generation. You get the point… I could do some good work for a brief time before becoming irrelevant.
  14. OK, I’ve got to run… I look forward to seeing everyone @ the Palace Hotel. If you’re a scrappy startup who couldn’t make it to the event I suggest taking your laptop and grabbing anyone who will listen to the bar. That’s what I used to do… mad props to the lobby crashers!!! 🙂

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