Random thoughts from a dirty $99 hotel room in Silicon Valley 30 minutes before checkout

Lots of nice feedback on yesterday’s random thoughts…

1. I’m still really cheap. I have a hard time paying over $200 for a hotel room, I always try to take the low-level car, and I refuse to buy Starbucks coffee based on price. I wonder sometimes if I’m doing this to try to “keep it real” or if it’s a DNA thing. It really doesn’t hit my frontal lobes so there is some unconscious process at work. I think I need another podcast session with Dr. Goulston.

2. Trouble sleeping is one of the most important early indicators as an entrepreneur that you’re on to something big. If you’re sleeping well at night then something is WRONG. Great ideas, big problems, and execution puzzles keep you tossing and turning. I’ve learned to embrace my insomnia, not fight it. If you can’t sleep get the frack out of bed and work, write some emails, or do a blog post. Get it out of your system then try to sleep. However, don’t think there is something wrong with you… there’s something right with you!

3. While we did a great job getting 140 companies to present their startups FOR FREE I wonder if we could have done a better job getting the startups who can’t afford $2k into the event. Of course, 40% of the folks coming are startups so I guess we did OK. Maybe next year we should have a huge open video room for $500 for two days without food or something…. thinking out loud here about how to pull off an even bigger, more inclusive event. Of course, the videos of this event will be out via creative commons shortly… so, you won’t miss anything if you’re not there except for the networking.

4. Oh yeah, it’s sold out… thanks to the team of folks working to make this great and our partners (aka sponsors–but I hate that words… they’re not sponsors, they’re partners… they helped format the event, fill in the content, get us speakers, get us startups). Next year there will be no SPONSORS there will only be partners.

5. I really can’t wait until I’ve dropped the last 10 pounds and I’m at 170. I’m dreaming of doing the marathon again.

6. Nick Denton and I are having drinks @ 5pm today… let the speculation begin!

7. We have amazing press folks coming to the event. I hope they all take the time to focus on the STARTUP companies. Please leave the media circus around Mike and me out of this event. It’s NOT about us, it’s not about Mahalo, it’s not event about TechCrunch even thought the name is TechCrunch40. Nope, it’s about the entrepreneurial spirit. It’s about those 140 companies… my goal is to NOT have one story about myself or Mike at this event. All press resources should talk about the companies presenting. If you’re a friend in the press please PLEASE PLEASE focus on the ideas and the startups. Find a start up you love in the demo pit and write about them… let’s try and find some new up and coming startups. That’s the goal here.

8. I think I need to hire a sales force for Mahalo. I wasn’t going to do this but we’re starting to get calls from folks who are loving what we’re doing. Who’s the best person you’ve ever met who can create a long-term partnership with the top 50 marketers in the world? If you know anyone who wants to do something epic and change the world have them ping me… I wanted to wait until year three to start selling ads, but I think there might be some partnerships we can do now, so why not at least start the discussions.

9. When our Alexa ranking was sinking after the press launch folks beat us up. When it spiked people beat us up. More evidence that a) people are pessimistic by nature, b) short term traffic and services like Alexa, although obsessed over by many, are not important, and c) the best thing you can do as a startup is focus on your product and customers.

10. I love coffee. I’m not going to give it up for tea, and I don’t know that tea is so much better for you. Can someone please tell me if drinking coffee is going to kill me or not, because this anti-coffee sentiment is getting me down.

11. Why won’t Steve Jobs make a microlaptop? I have a powerbook and i leave it behind for my tiny Vaio most trips now because of weight issues. I really like small laptops because they are easier to pull out of your backpack for short posts like this one.

12. I need a GPS system for road trips. Which one is the best? I got lost every day in the Valley, and I realize that I can’t drive without a GPS (my ‘Vette has it built in and I use it when I got to the office just to count down the exact miles and average speed).

13. I have 23 presentations to run through on Sat and Sunday. These sessions are electric… my favorite part of the conference production has been refining the presentations. Someone like the NYT or WSJ should come to the dry run and document it tomorrow…. it’s really interesting.

14. Hotel just called and told me to get out…. more random thoughts later.

15. Should these random thoughts be on Twitter or Pownce one at a time?

16. I’m leaving comments open… for 48 hours…. please be nice. 🙂

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