TechCrunch 40 Demos going really well…

Sitting with one of the 40 companies at Sequoia Capital. Have seen around 15 demos done and they’re all just amazing… this is going to be a killer event!

It’s going to take me 40 minutes x 40 companies = 1,600 minutes to get through all these company demos over the week, but we’re making each of them 10-30% better which means the entire event is going to be 40 x 10-30% better…. I love scale!

It’s going to sellout today/tomorrow so if you’re coming go for it here:
If you’re a blogger or press person and you’re not setup with a ticket ping me now… we want to get a lot of press for the 40 companies on stage, and the ~100 in the demo pit.

I’m really excited about this one.

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