Lesbians Kissing + Me & Scoble (best headline ever, I know)

[ Postscript to the last post ]

Of course, my typical Technorati search goes something more like the image.

How me, Scoble, Chris and Ponzi wound up on a page about lesbians making out I will never know…. actually, I do know: some very smart spammers are scrapping content (i.e. taking content) from blogs and automatically pasting it into other sites/blogs which contain a mixture of stolen content, advertisements, and links to porn sites.

This is the kind of index spamming that is destroying the web and a large motivation for why we started Mahalo. All of the sites in our index–and it’s a small index right now, I know–are quality.

Right now 7/8 out of 10 posts listed on Technorati for my searches are spam. Think about how much waster time that is…. there has to be a better way. Like a social graph or something…. 😉

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